Pallet wrapperWMS 20 Rolo Standard

Special wrapping machine for wrapping cylindrical shapes with a large mass. Wrapping in stretch film is perfectly protecting the goods from the weather (against water, humidity, dust), mechanical damage and enhances the appearance of products. All that with effort, minimum foil consumption, and minimum cost.

10pal./hour 6programs 1200kilograms
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Technical information

Semi-automatic machine based on WMS STANDARD with same features, where turntable is additionally equipped with rollers. Powered rolls are spinning the wrapped roll and applying stretch foil around its diameter. Turntable is integrated into the floor for maximum easy manipulation with heavy goods. Between the rollers can be mounted a pneumatic rounder device that allows after wrapping easy roll off-loading from the turntable. For wrapping a wide range of roles diameters can be machine equipped with additional regulation of turntable speed and options, which increases the utility of machine capabilities.

Semi-automatic machine equipped with a digital control system (PLC). The PLC is controlled on LCD display that allows operator to store programs in memory with direct dialing. These programs can set the parameters of wrapping such as: simple or cross-wrapping, foil tension, foil stretching, wrapping density, turntable speed, individually number of turns on the top and bottom of the wrapped goods, topsheet application, top-platen pressure for wrapping of unstable goods (if installed). The machine is equipped with an optical sensor for measuring the height of pallets and oriented turntable stop. WMS can also easily operate in manual mode with the possibility to adjust program settings directly in the packaging cycle.


Designed for operation for wrapping paper rolls, metal sheet rolls, fabrics roles with a large diameter into stretch foil in particular, in the paper and textile industries.

Wrapping capacity (pal./hour): 10
Diameter of wrapped roll (mm): 600 - 1400
Number of programs: 6
Length of wrapped roll (mm): 300- 1700
Max. wrapping height (mm): 1850
Goods height reading: optical
Turntable speed regulation “Soft START“: no or inverter
Pre-stretching device: electromagnetic brake
Turntable speed (rpm): 10
Max. turntable load (kg): 1200 or 2000 (pallet)
Machine dimensions LxW (mm): 3350x2000
Air pressure (MPa): 0,4 - 0,7
Operational voltage (V): 3x400, 50Hz
Electric input (kVA): 2



Optional machine version

Increase of wrapped roll diameter (mm): 1000 - 2700
Increased of load capacity (kg): 3200
Length of wrapped roll (mm): 1000 - 2700
Pre-stretching foil device: mechanical, electromagnetic brake, 1 el. motor controlled Light , 1 el. motor controlled, 2 el. motor controlled


  • Electric top-platen for unstable goods
  • Pneumatic rounder device
  • Removable roller for small rollers wrapping
  • Automatic foil tearing
  • Non-standard color version






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