Horizontal wrapperContipack 25

Horizontal wrapping machines are used mainly for packaging of goods In a large ratio of diameter vs. length. Packaging in stretch foil perfectly protects the goods against mechanical damage and weather (against water, humidity, dust). It is suitable for applications with requirements on the great versatility of packaging and alternating assortment of goods, low cost and at the same time good quality packaging.

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Technical information

CONTIPACK is a wrapper with a horizontal axis of the wrapping, which is used for packaging in stretch foil. The common characteristic of packaged goods is the extensive length. Base of the machine is a cabinet with a rotating ring, through its center are manually moved the packaged goods.

CONTIPACK machines find application wherever there is a need for fixation and good quality wrapping of extrusions bundles, profiles, pipes, materials in rolls, paper rolls, carpets, or other material of similar nature.

Conveyor width (mm): 235
Number of programs: 0
Max. wrapping goods diagonal(mm): 250
Foil width (mm): 125
Pre-stretching device: hand brake
Min. goods length (mm): 450 (optimum)

Machine dimensions LxW (mm):

860x1800 (incl. conveyors)
Air pressure (MPa): 0,6 - 1
Operational voltage (V): 3x400, 50Hz
Electric input (kVA): 1,5



Optional machine version

  • foil tension regulation - simple adjustment by brake on the front roller
  • ring speed regulation
  • max. speed ring 150rpm
  • easy machine control by foot pedal
  • gravitation rollers conveyors
  • easy conveyor height adjustment
  • easy conveyor rotation (change of flat on "V" conveyor)
  • automatic foil ending
  • easy transportation by hand truck



  • "V" Conveyor
  • adjustable side product guiding






Mechanical brake
up to 20

Machine details

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