Guide to machine selection

What do you need to know for to buy a machine (wrapping, strapping, or box sealer):

  1. Number of packed pallets (goods)/hour (shift, day)
  2. Dimensions of pallet/goods (LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT)
  3. Manual, Semi-automatic or Automatic machine
  4. Type packaging Vertical (pallets) or Horizontal (pipes, sticks etc.)
  5. Stable or Unstable goods
  6. Weight of pallet (For boxes not needed)
  7. Requirement for packaging type: material, visualization, wrapping density, top sheet, tape width etc. (depending on machine)

Semi-automatic wrapping machine


  • Wrapping capacity (number of wrapped pallets/hour) 
  • Diameter of turntable: 1200 x 800mm (EURO1) = 15
                                        1200 x 1000mm = 16.5
                                        1200 x 1200mm = 18
                                        1200 x MORE = 23
                                        Larger sizes upon request.
  • Type of pallet truck = turntable FULL, CUT-OFF or with CONVEYOR
  • Goods weight = 1000kg, 1200kg, 2000kg, 2500kg and more
  • Number of types of wrapping = 2, 6 or 20programable memories
  • Foil pre-stretching device = YES/NO

What are the pre-stretching devices?  Brief Interoduction here.

  • Stable goods = automatic top platen
  • Pallet top sheet = function "Top sheet", top sheet holder
  • Requirements for pallet weighing and evidence = full turntable with scale and identification system
  • Wrapping requirements = change of pre-stretching parameters during the wrapping
  • Other functions = reference position, automatic foil tearing etc.

For easier determination you can use for vertical wrapping Checklist WMS here or for horizontal wrapping Contipack here.

Automatic wrapping machine

  • Wrapping capacity (number of wrapped pallets/hour) 
  • Conveyor type = powered: Rolls, Chain, Belt - widths 900, 1100,1200mm
  • Pre-stretching foil device = 1-motor, 2-motor
  • Stability of goods = automatic top platen
  • Top sheet of pallet
  • Goods pre-wrapping to the pallet = pallet lifting device
  • Wrapping requirements = number of wraps, foil ending, roping, corners applicator etc.
  • Requirements for pallet weighing and identification system
  • Communication and controlling of the machine
  • Hall drawing for machine placement (DWG)

For easier determination you can use Checklist WMS Automatic here Rotomatic here.