Hydraulic bale pressEKOPACK 80

The EKOPACK 80 hydraulic baler with a pressure / pressing silo of 8 tons has, in contrast to the lower series of the EKOPACK 40 and 50 presses, a fixed chamber instead of a container. This eliminates handling space and at the same time increases efficiency, as the press can produce a larger bale in volume. It is pulled out of the chamber and moved easily - using the rudder, which we supply to order together with the press.

8lisovací síla (t) 100hmotnost paketu (kg) 750 x 500 x 700velikost paketu (mm)
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Technical information

The Ekopack 80 hydraulic baler is designed so that it can compress the separated waste into a bale with a floor plan measuring 700 x 500 mm with a force of 8 tons. The press has a fixed press head and divided front winches. The upper winch is used to fill the press with waste material, the lower to remove the bale and establish a new tape. It is possible to order a rudder for the baler to pull the bale out of the chamber and then handle it.

Designed for processing waste paper, cardboard, plastics, plastic bottles, foils, various types of packaging, textiles, cans, etc. By using multiple containers or gradually processing various materials, you can effectively sort waste. You contribute to the protection of the environment and save storage space, time and money.

Dimensions of machine (L x W x H)   1080x740x2090 mm

Dimensions of packet (L x W x H)       (750-700) x 500x (300–700) mm

Weight of packet                                     Max. 100 kg

Capability of pressing chamber          0,371 m3

Max. pressing power                               8 t ± 5 %

Max. pressing power                              180 kPa

Number of pressing chambers           1

Number of binding slots                       2

Type of pressing chamber                   opened

Driving motor                                         1,5 kW / 240 V /50 Hz

Input power/voltage                             1,5kW/10A

Elec. protection                                      IP 54

Time of pressing cycle                          25 s.

Weight of the machine                       320 kg


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