Palletizing and depalletizingPalletizing manipulator

Palletizators are used for a large number of operations in handling goods. The most common applications are operations with the need of stacking goods on the pallet. The machine is replacing hard  manual labor while increasing production capacity. Palletizing machines come in many varieties depending on the type of product that is palletized.

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Technical information

The machine is of simple design with minimum requirements for transport, installation, integration space and easy to mainten. The manipulator is of a portal structure with fixed horizontal frame (X-axis) on which is moving truck (y-axis) with a vertical telescopic arm (Z-axis). At the end of the arm is mounted rotary knob (A-axis). Integrated operation system allows you to easily change the functions such as speed of movement, pallet size, stacked goods composition on a pallet, etc. Special manipulator configuration can be used for a grouping or sorting of several kinds of goods to multiple pallets.


Machine is suitable for simple applications, where requirements for repeated material handling, palletizing particularly goods on pallets at lower production capacity such as mills, manufacturers of pets food, snacks, concrete, paint etc..



  • Pallet conveyors
  • Vertical conveyors
  • End of lines for autonmatic guide vehicles
  • Pallet magazine
  • Interlayer magazine
  • Procetive fencing

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