Conveyors, pallet magazine, pallet inspection, vertical conveyor, turntablesPallet conveyors

Powered and non-powered conveyors are used to transport empty pallets and full pallets. The drives are controlled by a frequency converter. 

Roller and chain types are used for classic pallets. For special pallets, we use a full modular belt where 100% stability of the product on the pallet is ensured.

The vertical movement of pallets is solved using lifting systems. Safety is ensured, for example, by rolling doors supplemented with muting barriers.

Automatic pallet magazine ensure the placement of one pallet for further transport in a line with a capacity of up to 15 pallets.


pal./hour w x h x d kilograms
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Technical information



  • up to 2500 kg load capacity
  • roller diameter 89mm
  • pallet rotation up to 360°


  • up to 2500 kg load capacity
  • two or three rows of chains line
  • transfer unit


  • up to 1500 kg load capacity
  • pallet rotation up to 360°


  • Security fencing
  • End of lines for autonmatic guide vehicles
  • Conveyor protection system
  • Camera inspection of the full pallet
  • Checking the empty pallet (dimensions, presence of boards and logs, pushing nails)

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