Strapping machineZapak 2012

Strapping by electric hand strapping machine is very fast, cheap and effective fixing of goods during manipulation and transportation. It is suitable for small and also large factories with large variety of goods and sizes and also on pallets.

w x h x d width thickness
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Technical information

Manual tapping machine powered from the mains. With mechanical regulation of tension, friction tape welding and tape trimming. Ergonomic design and lightweight of the machine, reduce the operator strain. Easily replacable spareparts.


Suitable for PP tape width  9 - 16 mm. Recomanded use - in small medium-size plants. Suitable for the packaging of various goods of different sizes as well as for pallet packaging.

Regulation of strapping manual
Strap width (mm) PP 9 - 16
Strap thickness (mm) PP 0.55 - 1.0
Machine tension (kg) 20 - 100
Welding of the tape friction tape welding
Machine dimension (mm) 225x100x125
Machine weight (kg) 2.73
Charging 230V, 50-60Hz
Power supply ze sítě
Tape capacity -



  • Tape dispenser for reel diameter 200mm or 400 mm





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