Strapping machineEB ST 206

Strapping by semi-automatic strapping machine is very fast, cheap and effective fixing of goods during manipulation and transportation. It is suitable for small and midle factories with large variety of goods and its sizes.

w x h x d width thickness
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Technical information

EB ST 206 is the semi-automatic strapping machine with working table. This machine is developed for easy and comfortable operation. It´s function - Last strap automatic eject, auto strap strapping position ( based on operator setting ), manual strap width adjustment.  The Electrical Control Panel consists of the “Main Power ON-OFF Switch” “Feed Length Timer,” “Reset Switch” and “Feed Length Switch.


Suitable for small midle-sized plants. Machine is suitable for strapping wide range of products, not only boxes, cartons, but also coils of cables, ropes and others. The machine tension is controlled mechanically.


Regulation of strapping tension mechanical
Strap width (mm) 5 - 15
Strap material PP
Strap width adjustment mechanical
Max. strapping product diameter (mm) -
Speed 1,5 s/strap. cycle
Machine tension (kg) 5-50
Welding Hot welding
Machine diameter (mm) 895x565x740
Machine weight (kg) 100
Power Supply 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1-phase
Power Consumption (W) 400



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