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Pallet wrapperWMS VT Standard

WMS VT are top models of range WMS. Semi-automatic, powerful and intelligent wrapping machine, which is designed for integration in conveyor lines eliminating pallet loading and unloading for wrapping.

  • Integration in conveyor line
  • Eliminating hard physical labor
  • Wrapping activation by START button - “Push&Go“
  • Great ratio COST vs. PERFORMANCE
  • 6 fully programmable memories

Pallet wrapper WMS VT Standard - Data sheetData sheetPallet wrapper WMS VT Standard - User manualManual

Ovládací panel1 el. motor Light1 el. motor předepínání

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Semi-automatic machine based on WMS STANDARD, where WMS VT is equipped with a roll conveyor. The machine equipped with a digital control system (PLC). The PLC is controlled on LCD display that allows operator to store programs in memory with direct dialing. These programs can set the parameters of wrapping such as: simple or cross-wrapping, foil tension, foil stretching, wrapping density, turntable speed, individually number of turns on the top and bottom of the wrapped goods, topsheet application, top-platen pressure for wrapping of unstable goods (if installed). The machine is equipped with an optical sensor for measuring the height of pallets and oriented turntable stop. WMS can also easily operate in manual mode with the possibility to adjust program settings directly in the packaging cycle.


WMS VT STANDARD is used for operations with a medium requirement for capacity of wrapped pallets with variety of goods heights. Machine ensures accurate compliance with the set wrapping program, which provides a high quality of wrapping with a minimum foil consumption. Suitable clients are small and medium productions, logistic companies, warehouses etc.

Wrapping capacity (pal./hour): 30
Turntable size (mm): 900
Number of programs: 6
Max. wrapping height (mm): 2240
Wrapped pallet size LxW (mm): 1200x800
Pallet height reading: Optical
Turntable speed regulation “Soft START“: no or inverter
Pre-stretching device: 1 el. motor controlled Light
Turntable speed (rpm): 10
Max. turntable load (kg): 1500
Machine dimensions LxW (mm): 2435x1670
Air pressure (MPa): -
Operational voltage (V): 3x400, 50Hz
Electric input (kVA): 4,3