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Pallet wrapperWMS 15 Junior

The wrapping machines WMS range is based on a modular solution for wrapping pallets in automatic or manual mode. The machines are suitable for operations from low to medium wrapping capacity with high demands on quality and packaging savings. 
All offered wrapping machines from the company EKOBAL are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by the parent company Pragometal. For their construction are used important electrical components from renowned European manufacturers.

  • With full turntable
  • Great ratio COST vs. PERFORMANCE
  • Many optional accessories
  • Easy to transport

Pallet wrapper WMS 15 Junior - Data sheetData sheetPallet wrapper WMS 15 Junior - User manualManual

WMS 15 JuniorOvládací panelRuční brzda - Nejjednodušší zařízení, kde je napínání fólie při balení dosaženo ručně otáčením rukojeti, čímž se utahuje nebo povoluje brzda. Primární protažení zde není možné, uplatní se zde pouze sekundární protažení, jehož hodnota je nastavována rukojetí zkusmo. Toto zařízení je určeno k nenáročnému balení bez větších nároků na kvalitu balení a úsporu balicího materiálu a je určeno pro občasné balení (cca jednotky palet denně).

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WMS Junior is a simple wrapping eliminating physical labor. It is designed for businesses with small to medium capacity with requirements for good fixation quality of wrapped goods. It consists of a turntable and a column with an electrically powered foil pre-stretching. The machine is controlled manually with the buttons on the control panel. This and higher machine models can be equipped with an electric top-platen for unstable goods, variable turntable speed and variety of foil pre-pre-stretching devices, which substantially reduce foil consumption.


WMS Junior is used for operations with a small requirement for capacity of wrapped pallets, especially where the main criterion is the equipment cost. Suitable clients are small workshops, couriers, supermarkets etc.

Wrapping capacity (pal./hour): 15
Turnable diameter (mm): 1500 (EUR pallet)
Number of programs: 0
Max. wrapping height (mm): 2430
Pallets size (mm): 1200x800
Pallet height reading: optical or mechanical
Turntable speed regulation “Soft START“: no (contactor) or inverter
Pre-stretching device: hand brake
Turntable speed (rpm): 10
Turntable load (kg): 1200
Machine diameter LxW (mm): 2350x1500
Air pressure (MPa): -
Operating voltage (V): 3x400, 50Hz
Electric input (kVA): 3,1