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Automatic pallet wrapperRotomatic 1700 M2

Automatic wrapping machines are the ideal solution to increase the production capacity, quality and reduce packaging cost. These machines are required in productions with medium to very high capacity of wrapped pallets. The machines feature is very easy to operation with simple control panel in an automatic and manual mode. Key values of wrapping in stretch foil are: high firmness of packaging, low cost, durability, compactness, esthetics, fixation of goods on a pallet or in groups, low cost, protection of materials and goods against dust and rain, possible to recycle, package without a heat source.

  • High performance
  • Integration in conveyor line or stand alone
  • Increase in production
  • Available in versions: Light, Standard, Profi and Double

Automatic pallet wrapper Rotomatic 1700 M2 - Data sheetData sheetAutomatic pallet wrapper Rotomatic 1700 M2 - User manualManual

Rotomatic 1700Ovládací panelJednomotorové průtažné zařízení - Principem zařízení je primární protahování fólie mezi dvěma hlavními válci, které jsou spolu v záběru přes ozubený převod. Primární předepnutí je možno dle druhu použití fólie měnit výměnou převodového kola. Z ovládacího panelu lze nastavit sekundární napětí v rozsahu 70% až 400%. Zařízení je určeno do provozů se střední nebo vyšší kapacitou balení, s požadavky na dobrou kvalitu balení a úsporu fólie. Zařízení snižuje spotřebu fólie cca o 20-40%, což zaručuje rychlou návratnost vložené investice.

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The latest fully automatic machine designed for inclusion in the transport lines. High productivity of machines is achieved by two innovations: wrapping technology, where goods are wrapped with high speed of rotating foil around pallet; Rotomatic Profi Plus is equipped by 2 wrapping devices on the wrapping ring compare to 1 device as other Rotomatic models.
Rotomatic is capable, after pallets of goods loading, it will automatically run the wrapping cycle; wrap pallet and send a signal about accomplished wrapping. The default wrapping position is optional, allowing a fixation of only the top or bottom reinforcement in the middle of wrapped pallet. High quality packaging of all types (single, cross-, dust-and water-tight) is still enhanced by a function of the film thermal ending with the last foil layers of wrapped pallet


Machine is designed for processes with high and very high capacity packaging and high demands on the packaging, which ensures perfect fixation of the turntable at a minimum of films for packaging and light goods where the dynamic forces are not acceptable.

Following parameters apply to ROTOMATIC Profi+ DOUBLE

Wrapping capacity (pal./hour): 138
Max. wrapping goods diagonal(mm): 1700
Number of programs: 20
Wrapped pallet size LxW (mm): 1200x800
Max. wrapped pallet size (mm): 1250x1250
Pallet height reading: Optical
Min. height of wrapped pallet (mm): 500 (1000 with topsheet)
Pre-stretching device: 1 el. motor
Maximum ring speed (rpm): 60
Machine dimensions LxW (mm): 3165x2400 (with conveyour)
Type of control panel: Touch LCD
Air pressure (MPa): 0,6 - 1,5
Operational voltage (V): 3x400, 50Hz
Electric input (kVA): 16